How to wear a fabric mask safely?

A fabric mask acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus. It must be used correctly and always combined with other measures.
How to wear a fabric mask safely?
* Clean your hands before putting it on
* Inspect the mask and don't use it if it is damaged or dirty
* Cover your mouth, nose and chin
* Adjust the mask to your face, leaving no gaps on the sides
* Avoid touching the mask while wearing it
* Change your mask once it gets dirty or wet
* To take off the mask, clean your hands first
* Remove it by the straps behind the head or ears, without touching the front of the mask
* As you remove your mask pull it away from your face
* Clean your hands taking off any mask
* If you are reusing your fabric mask, store it in a clean, re-sealable bag
* Hold the mask at the elastic ends when removing it from the bag and make sure it is not wet or dirty when using it again
* Wash fabric masks in a soap or detergent, preferably with hot water, at least once a day
* Make sure you have your own mask and do not share it with others
* When wearing a mask make sure you know how to put it on, use it, remove it and how to discard or wash it correctly
* Remember that a mask alone cannot protect you
* When wearing a mask, continue to adopt other measures to prevent the spread of the virus
Source of information: WHO