Privacy Policy


Registry holder

N2N Trading Oy
Tiiliruukinkatu 22, 33200 Tampere
VAT FI29224374

Register name

N2N Trading customer register

Grounds for the register

We save information of the customers when they register their customer accounts and/or conduct transactions in the webstore.

Purpose of the register

Our main purpose with the customer register is to fulfill orders in the best way possible. If there are any issues for example in missing shipments, the customer register helps to solve potential problems. 

We use the customer register to marketing and informative e-mails with the approval of the customer. We try our best to keep the quality of marketing high. 

We do not give access to any third party to our customer register. With the customer's request we will delete all information regarding the customer.

Information stored in the register

We store information obtained during transactions (so when you buy something we store the information obtained during that time)

  • Name of the customer
  • Address and contact information of the customer
  • Products and sizes ordered by the customer
  • Additional information the customer has provided during the transaction
  • Payment and shipping information
  • Tracking information for the shipments

Protection of the customer register

We have done the necessary procedures to ensure the protection of our customer register.



We use cookies according to European Union eCommerce regulations. With the help of cookies we track customer behavio anonymously and try to do better marketing for our customers.